Saturday, April 19, 2008

SFPD and DPT Having Trouble

- An SFPD officer who was put on desk-duty after fatally shooting an unarmed man in 2006 was arrested last Friday for allegedly stealing $2,000 dollars that was supposed to be kept as evidence. She pleaded not guilty to charges of grand theft, filing a false police report, doctoring evidence and destroying evidence or records.

- The SFPD is being sued a second time for an incident in 2007 in which police Officer Jesse Serna attacked, pepper-sprayed and arrested a couple with no provocation. The first lawsuit was filed by a separate couple who were also pepper sprayed and arrested in the same incident because they had seen what had happened to the first couple. Between 1996 and 2004 Officer Serna has had the largest number of complaints leveled against him out of the entire SFPD, and has been on desk-duty since June, while his record is reviewed.

- City parking control officers are worried that higher parking fines will cause them to be assaulted more often.

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