Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Third Road-Rage Shooting Victim Dies

Third road rage victim dies, police release composite sketch of killer

Jaxon Van Derbeken, Chronicle Staff Writer
Tuesday, June 24, 2008

(06-24) 20:12 PDT San Francisco -- The third victim of a road rage shooting in San Francisco died Tuesday night, and police released a composite sketch of the gunman and pleaded for the public's help in solving the triple slaying.

Investigators say Anthony Bologna, 48, and his son Michael, 20, were shot and killed following a minor traffic hassle in the Excelsior district, even though the elder Bologna pulled back to allow the gunman's gray Chrysler 300M room to finish a turn onto a narrow street.

After completing the turn, the driver of the car opened fire, killing the elder Bologna and his oldest son at the scene.

Bologna's youngest son, Matthew, 16, was taken off life support at San Francisco General Hospital late Tuesday and was pronounced dead at 6:24 p.m. Police said they have an image of the suspect's car that was taken from a nearby surveillance camera.

They did not release the image. Instead, they released an image of a car like the one in the image.

San Francisco police Lt. Mike Stasko said that while detectives are moving forward on several fronts, they need the public's help in the case.

"We are just asking anybody and everybody who has information to come forward," Stasko said. "If they saw anything, anything out there, contact us."

Ninozka Baughman, the victim's sister in law, said she hopes someone comes forward to allow police to make an arrest.

"They need to put this guy behind bars - he's a danger to the community. Anybody with any information, please, please contact the Police Department."

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Anonymous said...

Any one else notice how all the murders in the Excelsior/ Outer Mission area are all very similar?
I think there's some psycho that is targeting folks in their cars East of Mission, usually, who look as if they are criminals.

I think that the murderer kills folks that they perceive to be affiliated with crime: --kids smoking trees in their cars
--ethnic men in their parked cars
--Groups of Youth (could be seen to be gang members by the murderer) in cars
The reason I think they target these folks is so they can get away with being a serial killer in San Francisco, cause we all know that SFPD aren't too sharp and SFPD assumes in all these crimes that they are gang related or drug related.