Sunday, August 17, 2008

Man Shot In the Mission

Man shot in Mission district, expected to survive

Bay City News 8/17/08
SAN FRANCISCO – A man was shot in the Mission district on Saturday night and he is expected to survive, a police officer said.

The shooting was reported around 10:40 p.m. at Valencia and 18th streets, police said.

The streets were reportedly closed for at least a couple hours in the area while police investigated the scene.

No suspects were arrested.

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Anonymous said...

Can we close the Woman's Building now? The shooter and victim were at a "Party at the Woman's Building". Instead of helping the community, the Woman's Building is rented out for loud obnoxious parties after hours. They have lost sight of their original "Mission" to help women from all social and economic backgrounds and become another "Rental Hall" for parties that spill out into our street and endanger the residents who have to deal with the drunken and obnoxious party goers from the Woman's Building. How do I know the shooter and victim were at a party at the woman's building? THE SHOOTING HAPPENED RIGHT UNDER OUR WINDOWS. The Woman's Building as beautiful as it is has now become a blight on our neighborhood. They should NOT be allowed to rent their hall out after this latest incident, yes there is a history of noise and violence complaints on file with the SFPD, all due to the partys at their location. Yet still their Security allows their guest to enter while armed with hand guns. We should demand they no longer be allowed to hold these events as they have only created issues with the neighbors and other local businesses. How long do we allow this? We just had some one shoot there, do we wait until they allow some one to be killed?

jLo said...

This happened a block away from the police station. The SF cops should be ashamed of themselves... what's striking about all the acts of violence this year is how brazen they are... always right out in the open... there is no fear of getting caught because there is zero police presence.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely. I've never seen any activities at the Women's Building that do much of anything to help women. I just see lots of parties with women trying to find men which would seem to me to be if not orthogonal at least not consistent with the mission of the organization.

I also live in the area and would be open to organizing some response to this and at least shutting down their ability to host parties at night.

If anyone knows of any good way to get the ball rolling, I'll join in.

Anonymous said...

You need to start documenting grievances: date, time, nature of grievance. For noise complaints, call the police, and document that you called the police, date and time, who you spoke with, whether the police took action, and if you were called back. If any legal proceedings need to take place, you'll need a recorded history on your side, though.

It may be more simple than that though -- if the Woman's Building management wants to maintain good relations with their neighbors, they should be willing to engage in civil dialog concerning what their neighbor's experiences have been. If both sides are reasonable, a compromise may be reachable without the involvement of City Hall. The advantages of this approach are that you could get quicker results with less conflict.

Consider opening this conversation up to the whole block, though, to include Farina, who has generated a number of noise and traffic headaches as well.

Matty Rue said...

I live across the street and can see the Women's Building from my bay windows...

I was eating a late night meal in the Kitchen at the other end of my apartment when I heard 4 -5 shots fired and then a high-pitched woman's shriek.

When I returned to my room I was surprised to see the crime scene tape and the entire block cordoned off.

Of particular notice: The majority of the partygoers who filed out gawking and loitering afterwards seemed so young to me, must've been in their teens...