Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cab driver shot, parolee shot by cops, two others stabbed

- Cab Driver Shot In Robbery In SF's Seacliff Area

- 2 Men Stabbed, Wounded Outside SoMa Nightclub

- Police shoot, wound fleeing parolee in the Sunset


Anonymous said...

Isn't interesting just how bad the Chronicle is at reporting these things.

Rah said...

Yeah...the only incident reported by the chronicle was the cab driver one. And they were a lot slower in getting the news up than Cbs5 too.

lisa said...

OK, can someone tell me what happened last night? Roommate came home freaked out saying she saw a police stand-off around Cala (S. Van Ness and 23rd). I trudge out in the rain and I see nada. Wrong place or roommate delusional?

Rah said...

lisa, here's a comment from sfist:

"I witnessed a high speed chase on 24th St. (between Shotwell and South Van Ness) on Tuesday at around 530ish. A dark green sedan, looked like an Accord, with tinted windows barreled down the street at about 50-70 mph, trailed by a squad car. Not sure how the chase ended..."

Maybe this is the incident, and your roommate saw the aftermath?