Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Man shot in Golden Gate Park

A man was shot and wounded in Golden Gate Park Monday night, near the intersection of 25th Avenue and Martin Luther King Drive. He's in stable condition at SF General.


Walter said...

Crazy shit bro, Nice chattin it up with you last man. Our city is full of crime, we never hear about. Craziness

Anonymous said...

Hey Rah,

I noticed you still have John Schirra listed as a homicide victim. He may not have murdered, though, according to this article:


Anonymous said...

Rah,..well,I read the article re/John Schirra re/ may not have been murdered... Last year I read about an SF man in his 20's who was found naked,hand-cuffed, and murdered in the Haight.
In your data collection, How many people have been found naked & dead in SF in the last 24 months?

Anonymous said...

LMAO. Uh yeah, we found traces of acid in his system so he wandered into a school in a known turf, in the middle of the night, took of his clothes and stabbed himself....SFPD is ridiculous for implying this was not a murder.

Anonymous said...

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