Thursday, November 8, 2007

SF crimes reported in the past 90 days

Stats from August 10th to November 8th.

vehicle theft: 1892
narcotics/drugs: 2434 (925 in the Tenderloin. No surprise there...)
rapes: 25
robberies: 935
aggravated assaults: 1965
burglaries: 1182
larceny/theft: 6294
arson: 59
vandalism: 1748
homicide: 23

total: 16557

Here are the stats from May 5th until August 02.

Vehicle theft: 1394
Drugs/Narcotics: 1948
Rapes: 21
Robbery: 894
aggravated assault: 1715
Burglary: 1180
Larceny/Theft: 5305
Arson: 67
Vandalism: 1662
Homicide: 30

total: 14213

So that means the 180 day total, minus 8 days in August, is:

vehicle theft: 3286
narcotics/drugs: 4382
rapes: 46
robberies: 1829
aggravated assaults: 3680
burglaries: 2362
larceny/theft: 11599
arson: 126
vandalism: 3410
homicide: 54 (there was 1 more murder in the 8 days missed)

TOTAL: 30771

For all of 2006, SF had:

vehicle theft: 6636
rape: 154
robbery: 3858
Aggravated assault: 2435
burglary: 6465
Larceny/theft: 23891
arson: 226
Homicide: 86

In just 180 days, San Francisco had 1041 more assaults than it had in all of 2005, and 1235 more than all of 2006 (2639 assaults in '05, 2435 in '06).

I really wish the SFPD would compile and make public all these statistics themselves. Or at least make data for the WHOLE year so far available on the crime maps.

Anyways, as for assault rates, SF looks set to possibly come out with over 7,000 assaults at the end of year, and an assault rate of almost 1000 per 100,000 residents. SF's assault rate in 2005 was 352.3 per 100,000, and in 2006 it was 324.7). Detroit had an Assault rate of 1400 per 100,000 in 2005. Oakland had one of 654.2. SF is getting up there...


Anonymous said...

this is unreal.

Anonymous said...

Just curious: Where do you get your stats from if not from SFPD? Would like to know for my own edification and occasional research. Thanks.

Rah said...

These stats actually are from the SFPD's crime maps. If I had another way to get the stats I would. I have earlier stats only because 3 months ago I went and recorded everything just like I did's pretty annoying, the lack of information from the police.

Rah said...

Sorry, i also get crime stats for previous years from the FBI:

Anonymous said...

So much for the notion that San Francisco is a "safe" city with only a few pockets of crime.

It's unfortunate that the various San Francisco media institutions have a double standard in reporting crime in San Francisco vs reporting crime in Oakland.

In San Francisco, they under report the crime and then report mostly by neighborhood such as "Tenderloin, Western Addition, Hunters Point, Mission, etc. While across the Bay, when something happens in an Oakland neighborhood, it's simply reported as "Oakland." It's a broad brush approach.

Is it any wonder Oakland suffers such a bad image among Bay Area residents, while at the same time, people continue to flock to San Francisco despite the incredible increase in the homicide rate and in the aggravated assault rate?

The biased reporting by these San Francisco media institutions has served to protect San Francisco's image while at the same time tarnishing Oakland's. The economic harm done to the City of Oakland by this two tiered crime reporting system at the Chronicle, and throughout the San Francisco electronic media, has done an incalculable amount of damage to Oakland's economy. For example, a home in Oakland is currently valued at only 3/4 the price of a comparable San Francisco home. The amount of potential business relocation losses because of this biased reporting is mind boggling. The loss of entertainment spending, including in restaurants, bars, clubs, theaters, because of this out of context biased reporting is in the millions.

As an example of the San Francisco media crime cover-up let's look at the first two weeks of 2007 in San Francisco. There were 11 homicides recorded in San Francisco in the first two weeks of January 2007. What was the media reaction to this incredible spike in homicides in San Francisco? Virtual silence! In New Orleans there were nine homicides in the first two weeks of the year and the National media was all over the story.

What would've the reaction of the San Francisco media have been had those 11 homicides in the first two weeks of 2007 occurred in Oakland rather than in San Francisco? Maybe daily "Oakland" homicide counts? Maybe a projection for the entire year? Or, possibly a percentage increase from the same time from the previous year. Maybe even an Editorial denouncing the violence?

Also, as San Francisco's murder rate continued escalating throughout the year, there was a lack of zest and interest in divulging the incredible percentage increase from the previous year. If anyone remembers what Oakland went through at the hands of the San Francisco Chronicle, KCBS and KPIX in 2006 they can easily identify and testify to this incredible and unfair bias.

Oakland had to withstand regular homicide counts in the San Francisco Chronicle, a running homicide scorecard, along with a feature series titled "Oakland: A plague of killing." Oakland also had to deal with a full featured article on the March 5, 2006 Sunday Edition featuring all the names of the 23 homicide victims along with a map of the location of each homicide. This was done in early March. This early unfair, and heavy handed coverage, was done to keep the Oakland homicide issue in the forefront of the Bay Area populace.

As I write this, there have been no maps, no series, and no homicide scorecards for the City of San Francisco despite a tremendous spike in homicides and violent crimes. Why the double standard?

It's time for Oakland residents and the City of Oakland to initiate a class action lawsuit against these culpable San Francisco media institutions. The evidence is clear and ongoing. There is no denying an intended biased designed to protect the reputation of one city, while at the same time, doing the utmost to tarnish the reputation of a rival cross-bay neighbor.

oaklandhappenings said...

anonymous, you are right with every thing that you said. I wish the Chronicle provided enough characters for you to post your whole comment there. If I didn't have to rely on the Chron and SF-licensed TV stations to fill me in on whatever doesn't get reported on KTVU, The Trib, CC times, etc. I would boycott all or most of the SF media sources for the rest of my life.
Okay..they are not all THAT bad, but I'm just trying to jump on the bandwagon with you here. I'm off to read the Chron now, regarding the inside-Metreon homicide...of an Oakland resident! WTF?? I don't care if the Oakland resident perhaps started the argument, flashed a gang sign or whatever--inside the freekin' Metreon?! That is almost like having a homicide inside the Paramount Theater in Oakland!
And we thought the Chaucey Bailey assassination was in a horrible place for a homicide!
Daymn, SF, Fong, get it together.
And just think, that Gavin just got reelected....hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Oaklandhappenings, The reason the double standard in reporting crime by the Chronicle is so important, is because other news organizations like KPIX, KCBS, and other electronic media, take their cues from the articles in the Chronicle.

There is absolutely no way that Bay Area residents can put crime into context regarding Oakland and San Francisco with this type of purposely slanted reporting.

As I remember, last year on my way to work I would be bombarded with Oakland homicide counts just about every other day by KCBS. It got to the point that the Oakland homicide count would become a topic of discussion when I arrived at work among certain employees. These numbers were at times erroneous. Also, statements were made that Oakland was on a "record pace." Of course, this was not true since the Oakland homicide record is 175 recorded in 1992. After a few persistent e-mails KPIX retracted the "record pace" story they were running in their morning newscast. Never-the-less, the hysteria generated by the San Francisco media had the desired effected of scaring the day lights out of Bay Area residents.

This is why it is so important to have a site like this which helps fill the information void concerning San Francisco crime. The mere fact that people need to come to this site for information lets everyone know that the Chronicle and other SF media entities are not forthcoming with accurate San Francisco crime statistics. There have been at least 95 homicides in San Francisco to date. How many times has the Chronicle identified a homicide by number in their SF articles this year? Contrast that with last years Oakland scorecard.

Also, Oakland's homicide count includes justifiable homicides including self-defense and police killings. The rate gets adjusted through FBI figures at the end of the year. San Francisco, on the other hand, goes through all these machinations in order to reduce the current homicide count for public consumption.

If anyone cares to take a look at what San Francisco classifies as a " suspicious death" just scroll down to the bottom of this blog. It's absolutely astounding to see what links SFPD goes through in order to present a more palpable homicide rate.

So, keep in mind when comparing Oakland and SF homicide counts, that we're comparing apples and oranges. If we calculated San Francisco's homicide total the way Oakland's is calculated, San Francisco would have well over 100 homicides already.

I can almost guarantee you that SFPD and the Chronicle will not allow SF to record 100 homicides for the year. There will be plenty of "suspicious " AND "justifiable" killings to make sure SF doesn't get tainted with a three digit homicide count.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to the March 5, 2006 full feature article on Oakland homicides. Please compare and contrast this to the current coverage of the huge escalation in the SF homicide rate.

Anonymous said...

Ever thought of creating a map (google map?) and plot all the homicides?

Rah said...

Anonymous...take a look at the bottom of the main page. A map has been there since the very beginning.

Anonymous said...

Rah, thanks for the great work on this blog. You provide an invaluable asset for residents seeking accurate crime information.

Rah, as someone who has done all of the research and compiling of this information, what is your take on the validity of the San Francisco crime figures made public by SFPD and then reported by the Chronicle and the electronic media in the Bay Area? Do you get the sense that the "official numbers" are accurate, or, are they being massaged in order to provide a rosier picture for public consumption?

Rah,I would be be very interested in your opinion as someone who obviously has a passion and works very diligently in order to present accurate crime figures for SF residents.

Rah said...

Anonymous, I think that the SFPD numbers are for the most part correct, but it seems obvious that they are trying hard to keep attention on the homicide rate really low. The last two counts seen in the news were 93 and then a couple weeks later it went down to "at least 88."

(disclaimer: there's a good bit of speculation here)The SFPD seem to be taking every suspicious death that may or may not be a murder, and are saying that they aren't murders. For example, Hugues De La Plaza (homicide #56) was stabbed to death in his Hayes Valley apartment earlier this year. There was blood all over, including outside his locked front door. His TV was knocked over, and other residents in the building reported hearing some sort of commotion, and then footsteps leaving his room and going down the stairs and out the building...they called police who checked and found him dead. Now, according to the SFPD, because the door was locked and nothing was stolen, Hugues killed himself. I have a feeling that due to lack of resources, and lots of other more "easily" investigated homicides, the police have sort of given up on the investigation into Hugues' death, and chose to take the easy route (suicide)...a route that also works for the city's image as well. . As far as I know, the police don't officially know if he was murdered, and the medical examiner doesn't know if he was murdered or not, so he's just sort of a lost statistic, not counted officially.

Everyone who knows Hugues say that he was happy, had plans, and was DEFINITELY not suicidal. Hugues' parents, who are French citizens, were so disgusted with the SFPD's investigation, that they got the FRENCH police involved. That's right, the French police are investigating a possible homicide in the US, because they feel the local police work is incompetent.

Another example, would be John Daniel Schirra, an SF State student who was found naked and stabbed to death a block from his apartment in Oceanview, the morning after his freinds dropped him off at home. Originally counted a a murder, the word is that the SFPD say it's an "accidental" death, seeing as Schirra had trace amounts of LSD found in his system. The SFPD say that he got high, went outside, stripped naked in the early hours of the morning, stabbed himself multiple times, and then fell and hit his head, killing himself. They say the stab wounds were to shallow to be from someone else...and the head wound from falling is what did him in. Nevermind the fact that blood was all over the steps of an elementary school, a block from where his body was just seems like an excuse from the SFPD, to keep murder numbers down, and move on, so that they don't have a potentially unsolved murder to further screw up their clearance rate (well most murders are unsolved, but when someone is shot on the street, you usually can't just say he committed suicide, or died accidentally, which is probably why more deaths aren't counted that way).

Sorry for this long reply, but here's one more example. Earlier this year, John Avery (homicide #33) was killed when a robbery suspect fleeing police crashed into his truck in Noe Valley. His death was ruled a homicide, probably due to the fact that he was killed in the act of a robbery/police chase. Well, 3 days later, Edgar Garcia Torres (suspicious death #3) was killed in the same fashion, in Hunters Point. A convicted felon fleeing police at a traffic stop rammed into his car, killing him. Basically the same thing, but the news stated that the felon who caused his death would be charged with manslaughter. Why not murder, just like the man who killed John Avery?

Finally, there's the shooting that took place in the mission last weekend, which killed one, and critically injured 2 more. One of the injured is likely brain-dead, according to the news. If he is brain-dead, would that not be the same as a murder? The body may be there, but the person is gone. If he is in fact brain dead, I wonder if he will be counted officially as a murder (I'm guessing not, as technically he would be "alive"). If he gets the plug pulled, then would he be counted? Maybe...but I don't know the news on what's happening with him...

So that's my take on the situation.

Rah said...

I should also add that the SFPD's official count is at 94 or 95, I believe...

Anonymous said...

Rah, thanks for the very informative reply. I'll put my faith in your figures rather than those from SFPD which are then reported in the Chronicle, anytime.

The suspicious deaths that you describe in great detail below certainly suggest to me that there is an orchestrated effort being made to whittle down the official San Francisco homicide tally.

Also, I was under the impression that the Oakland homicide count includes "justifiable" homicides such as police killings and self-defense. It's not until the end of the year that the FBI adjusts those figures. Why is San Francisco allowed to pare down their homicide figures throughout the year? It seems that we are comparing apples and oranges in this situation.

Again, thanks for the great work that you do, and thanks for your response.

Anonymous said...
The link above is from a 2003 study on the homicide rate for twenty cities in the United States before and after demographics are taken into account. After adjustments for demographics San Francisco is ranked third on the list. This study took into account poverty rates and other social factors which contribute to violence. San Francisco did much worse than it should have considering the relative affluence of its population. This is an extremely interesting study and possibly a fairer way to determine how well a particular city is doing in addressing its homicide problem.

Rah said...

Anonymous, if you look at that same study for later years, you'll find that after adjustment SF is ranked as #1 for homicides in 2004, 2005, and 2006. Because of this year's spike, we'll probably be #1 again.

Anonymous said...

Rah, that's amazing. I've never heard the Bay Area media ever mention that study. Do you have a link to the later studies?

Rah said...

Sorry, I didn't get it completely right...SF was #1 from 2003 through 2005, here's the link:

For 2006, SF was #7, and Oakland was #1. Here's the link for that one:

Anonymous said...

Rah, thanks for the links. This is astonishing to me.

The fact that there is a study out there that puts SF No.1 in the Nation in homicides for three consecutive years, 2003, 2004, and 2005, and the Bay Area media did not ever bother to report this, is outrageous, inexcusable, and smacks of a cover-up in order to protect San Francisco's image and economy. This is further proof that the San Francisco media covers up for San Francisco while making sure that Oakland's "4th most dangerous" ranking gets plenty of publicity.

It's interesting that Oakland's No.1 ranking for 2006 in this Georgia State University study was also never used by the San Francisco media. I have no doubt, given the propensity of the San Francisco media to taint Oakland with every unflattering crime study and statistic, that this study would have been used to further taint Oakland, if somehow, San Francisco's No.1 rankings in 2003,2004,and 2005 wouldn't have to be exposed.

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