Saturday, November 3, 2007

Shootings, stabbings, and arson

- The morning of October 25th, a 38 year-old man was shot by several suspects in a robbery in the Tenderloin. He received life-threatening injuries, and some of the suspects were arrested.
- 2 separate shootings sent 3 to the hospital last Friday. Two victims were hit in Visitacion Valley, and received non life-threatening injuries. The third victim was shot in Hunters Point, and received life-threatening injuries.
- Also last Friday, a man attempted to kill six nuns by setting a convent on fire in the Portola District (news incorrectly states the location as the Bayview). Luckily the fire went out, and he was arrested.
- last Sunday, a man was stabbed on 7th Street in SoMa, receiving life-threatening injuries.
- the guy who set burning man on fire early was arrested after a tip that he was planning to burn down Grace Cathedral. He was found on the cathedral steps with some illegal fireworks, and apprehended.
- On Tuesday night, police opened fire on some robbery suspects at a McDonalds on Ocean Avenue, near City College. One bullet went through the wall of a house and slightly injured a woman inside.

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