Wednesday, February 13, 2008

December Murder Victim's Body Found In Impounded Van

Body lay undiscovered in S.F. police impound yard while suspects fled

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

(02-13) 09:13 PST SAN FRANCISCO -- The bizarre case of a computer software developer who was apparently slain in December - and whose body lay undiscovered in the back of a van in a San Francisco police impound yard for a week - finally became public Tuesday, as investigators said they were looking for two suspects who shared a home with the victim.

Leonard Milo Hoskins, 49, was reportedly attacked with a piece of lumber Dec. 23 at or near his home at 60 Lamartine St. in San Francisco's Mission Terrace neighborhood, authorities said.

A neighbor saw Hoskins being clubbed by one of his housemates that day, but did not call authorities because he dislikes police, said Hoskins' sister, Ureena Hoskins, who conducted her own investigation into her brother's case.

For a month after the attack, the suspects, Richard Carelli and his girlfriend Michelle Pinkerton, both 38, continued to live in the home they had shared with Hoskins. They disappeared only when police impounded Carelli's van from outside the home, and had more than a week's head start before Hoskins' body was finally discovered and a warrant was issued for their arrest.

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