Friday, February 22, 2008

Shooting Near Alamo Square?

No news, but according to a commenter on SFist, this happened last night:

"Okay, that sure sounded like three gunshots at Alamo Square park, at the northwest corner, around 9:21pm. Anyone concur?"
"Heard four more gunshot-like explosions at 10:49 in the same area. Saw four cops heading east on Fulton and McAllister, not using flashers or sirens."
"A ton more cops patrolling the area without flashers or sirens."

Does anyone else have any more information?


Bigfoot said...

Didn't hear that one, but I live at California and Divisadero and two weeks ago heard someone firing a semiautomatic gun in the vicinity of Broderick and Sacramento. It sounded like someone emptying the clip of a Ruger 10/22--which I am very familiar with, because I've done the same thing many time. It's a strange neighborhood for this sort of thing to happen.

Anonymous said...

I heard both incidents near Alamo Square on Thursday night. I wrote down the first one, exactly 9:21pm...3 shots. Heard the second set of blasts about an hour later.

Just heard one shot at 1:14am on Friday night as write this.

Anonymous said...

The Chronicle is waiting for something to happen in Oakland so that they can release the SF violence info. They always need Oakland as a foil to counter the effect of SF violence.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just the neighbors arming themselves and practicing in their backyard. Boy do we need it in this neighborhood given the lack of LE and only showing up after a crime has happened. We need to take back our neighborhood and show these gangbangers who is the boss around here and that they can no longer operate with impunity