Monday, December 8, 2008

Some more news updates:

- Police are looking for a white SUV that struck and killed a 56-year-old man in a hit and run near Lake Merced on Friday. The victim was identified as Gerardo Yambao, of San Francisco.

- A "person of interest," 20-year-old Matthew Owyang, is sought in connection to the March 29th slayings of Derek Butch, 23, and Jason De La Cruz, 31, in the Sunset District. De La Cruz and Butch were shot to death outside a pizza parlor on 19th Avenue and Irving street, after they got into an argument with a man who wanted free pizza from them.

- The SFPD says there was no foul play in the elevator shaft plunge that killed 38-year-old Oakland resident Daniel Kliman in a downtown highrise last week. The elevator was apparently not functioning properly, and Kliman stepped into an empty elevator shaft, falling seven stories to his death. (UPDATE: apparently there may still be an ongoing investigation into this)

- A parking garage security guard at San Francisco International Airport was arrested for breaking into cars.

- An SF man was sentenced to 46 months in prison for stealing $548,000 from his parents in Kansas.


Judith said...

Old news. The investigation was reopened and it is not finished.

Rah said...

I'll post updates on it as more information is released. I'm just going by what the SFPD said in the last news article.