Friday, December 7, 2007

One shot at 8th and Market, 16 year-old shot in Union Square

Bay City News

December 8, 2007
Two separate shootings in the span of a half hour in downtown San Francisco Friday evening sent two victims to the hospital.

The latest shots were fired in the bustling area of Union Square at around 9:30 p.m., injuring a 16-year-old Asian boy, San Francisco police officers said.

A bullet struck the teen in the ankle and he was transported to San Francisco General Hospital in stable condition, police said.

Officers are questioning a suspect in the shooting but haven't made any arrests.

About 30 minutes earlier, police responded to a shooting at Eighth and Market streets that injured one victim.

The victim was rushed to General Hospital with wounds that do not appear life threatening, police said.

No arrests have been made in either shooting and investigations are ongoing.



Lord Kook said...

My boyfriend and I were emerging from Muni at 8th and Market when these three kids came up from the Muni next to us. They got to the street-level and were looking back down into Muni, and it seemed like they were talking about someone that was still down there. We were walking up 8th, and had gotten a little past Mission Street, when the two shots rang out. We turned and watched those exact same three kids running from Market Street. I guess it's presumptuous to assume it was those three that were involved, but it sure as hell looked like. Good thing we didn't take Market to 9th.

keilacupcake said...

I was at my school studying at the 8th and Market shooting. I heard TWO very loud shots and I looked outside and saw a group of black teenagers wearing all black laughing and screaming and pointing toward the direction of where the shots came from.

I walked downstairs to see what happened and I saw the victim lying on a stretcher. He didnt look alive so I am very glad t hear that he is going okay.

Was this a random crime? The victim looked like a normal young man, he didnt look sketchy or like a gang member.

Anonymous said...

I was standing outside my school when I heard 2 very loud shots. I then saw 4 black teenagers running away from a body. They looked like they all had guns, and were ranting to themselves. There were so many witnesess to this. I cant believe the cops havent arrested anyone. They didnt even run away. They just walked away down Market street, while everyone just stood there with their mouths open. There are security cameras everywhere in this area. These guys should be quickly brought to justice.

Rah said...

The Chronicle didn't even run a story on either of these incidents. Widespread knowledge of this type of stuff happening in the middle of Downtown would hurt business too much I guess. Of course the Chronicle was all over the fact that the lady who was raped twice by the same man just made it all up...Because, you know that didn't REALLY happen. So lets all pay attention to that instead of the REAL crime, including teenagers getting shot in one of the most expensive and tourist traveled retail districts in the US.

Anonymous said...

Rah, this is outrageous. How can anyone have any confidence in the San Francisco Chronicle to report honestly about SF crime? Their credibility is completely shot. This newspaper is nothing but a prostitute for SF business interests. The list of unreported and underreported SF crime just keeps growing.

Anonymous said...

What's the benefit of not reporting this for the Chronicle? I hate conspiracy theories but this is really strange to me ... someone got a plausible explanation for that?

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Chronicle is tied to San Francisco business interests and advertisers. We are in the middle of the Christmas shopping season. The Chronicle doesn't want to scare anyone away from San Francisco retailers. They save all the scare tactics for the city of Oakland.

Anonymous said...

I was the guy on the stretcher on 8th and Market Fri the 7th at 9:30and amazingly didn't die. The slug from a shot gun grazed across my back over my spine and destroyed the metal pole behind me. I saw the kids walk off I saw their eyes they looked at me I think who ever shot me was shooting at them? I am happy to be alive. 3 16 year kids were arested for alledgedly shooting me,since I did not see the shooter I am not a whitness nor have any controll over prosacuting them or not. I think one of them is facing 9 felonies 4 of which are life sentences and one of them is being charged as an acomplice. As far as I know nothing was written about the shooting. When I was in the E.R. 2 other gun shot victims were brought in niegther of which were as lucky as me and guess what? not one word was written about them either. Lying on market is no way to go out. BTW thanks to everyone who backed away and ignored me when I was screaming to call 911 you all really inspired my hope for the human race. I can use this cliche an eye for an eye will leave the world blind, and the prison industrial system is going to do nothing to help anything, all I can say is I'm glad to still be here and not paralized! Peace.