Tuesday, December 4, 2007

SOMA violence: 4 shot in drive-by, 1 stabbed in nightclub

Man arrested in S.F. stabbing

4 injured in S.F. drive-by shooting

Also, according to the tips section at SFist, there was a shooting somewhere on San Bruno Ave. at about 10:00 p.m. December 2nd, with around 7 shots fired.


Anonymous said...

Rah, the Chronicle reported 94 homicides for the year for SF in their "Guns turned in" article. Where is the discrepancy?

All of the 98 homicides on this blog are named, numbered, and have a date along with the description of the crime. How does SFPD explain this away?

It's bad enough that they classify all seven controversial "justifiable" and "suspicious deaths" as non-homicides. Now, it seems that they are even whittling down the numbers from your well documented list. What's going on?

Rah said...

Well, the truth is it IS possible that the real count is just 94. There is always the possiblity that upon further investigation a "murder" ended up being accidental, or a suicide, or something...but then you have cases like Hugues De La Plaza (#56), who is not officially considered a homicide by the SFPD, even though there is a homicide investigation going on (which apparently hasn't really gone anywhere). Hugues' parents are French, and they got the French police to investigate it because they were so dissatisfied with the SFPD's progress (pretty embarrassing for SF huh?).

There's also John Daniel Schirra, an SF state student who was dropped off at home late one night by his friends in the Lakeview area. The next morning he was found outside, dead, naked, with multiple stab wounds and a head injury. The medical examiner found traces of LSD in his system, so what I've heard is that the SFPD are considering his death as accidental...saying he was tripping, went outside, stripped down, stabbed himself over and over, and then fell, hitting his head. the medical examiner said his stab wounds were too shallow to be from an anyone other than himself. it just all seems a little off, personally. Of course, that would bring the number down to just 96, so I don't know what the other discrepencies are. Maybe some incident has now been considered man-slaughter or something...or possibly a double homicide was found to be a murder-suicide...I don't know.

The thing about justified homicides is weird though, as I hear most other cities (such as Oakland) include them in the count.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen a city where the homicide numbers fluctuate as much as in San Francisco. Even the Chronicle is confused. Remember a few weeks back they had the count at 93 and then all of a sudden it was back down to 88. I don't trust the homicide numbers coming from SFPD and them reported in the Chronicle. Also, the fact that SFPD takes out the "justifiable" homicides from their official count before years end(Isn't this the F.B.I.s job?) tells me that their number one concern is trying to keep that "official" homicide count as low as possible. The City of San Francisco needs to deal with this issue instead of playing with the numbers for appearances sake. Regardless of the true numbers, SF will not allow itself to be saddled with a triple digit homicide count.

Rah said...

yeah it's pretty ridiculous that no one can get their numbers straight. An officer at the guns for giftcards thing a few days ago said that there had been at least 89 homicides. So what is it? 93, then 88, then 94, then 89...c'mon SFPD.

Anonymous said...

This is outrageous. If the San Francisco Chronicle had an once of professional integrity, they wouldn't run these fabricated and fluctuating homicide numbers, as fact. The Chronicle would instead do an investigative series on these questionable homicide figures along with the questionable classifications of these "suspicious deaths" and "justifiable" homicides. I guess in San Francisco you just pick a number out of a hat and that's your "official" homicide count.

The Chronicle has plenty of resources to do an investigative series on these obviously trumped up numbers.Unfortunately, the Chronicle doesn't have the stomach for anything which may harm San Francisco's Visitors & Convention Bureau. The Chronicle saves all of their investigative resources to do stories on Oakland's crime as was the case in 2006 with the series "Oakland: A Plague of killing."

Anonymous said...

The Chronicle needs to switch Chip Johnson to San Francisco and C.W. Nevious can cover the East Bay. You see, Johnson is quite the crime hound. And, he's very good at demanding homicide figures. In a recent article regarding Oakland's crime ranking, Johnson was very proud of the fact that, "at least in Oakland we have numbers," referring to the Detroit Police Department's refusal to divulge that city's homicide count. Yes, San Francisco needs Chip Johnson to pin down that fluctuating and elusive "official" San Francisco homicide count.