Monday, August 13, 2007

CA Attorney General's car broken into in SF...In front of City Hall

Californa attorney general Jerry Brown had his car broken into in San Francisco the other day. It happened in broad daylight, across the street from City Hall. Crack kills. It gets your GPS unit stolen too.

Anyways, apparently last year there was an average of 43 car break ins a day in SF. Supposedly, there are now just 32 break-ins a day. But, there is also the fact that many people don't report break-ins at all, especially people who've already had their car broken into in the past. Plus, unless it's important for your insurance, the police may tell you not to report it.


Trott said...

Wow! With everything going wrong in California, now we have to deal with car-borking!

Sorry, couldn't resist. Weak, I know.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Brown was born and raised in the Forest Hills area of San Francisco. He spent most of his early life in the City--why the hell does he need a GPS unit?

The Realist said...

I had my beat up jeep broken into 5 times and stolen once in 5 years. The amount of auto vandalism and theft in this town is simply staggering.

The Realist said...

BTW... great site! I've got it linked on my blog. Keep up the great work and I wish you success...though I wish there was less for you to write about :)

Anonymous said...

What is he going to do about the continuous car break-ins in SF.... nothing perhaps.