Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Crime Cameras not Helping

Apparently, the 178 video cameras that were recently installed in San Francisco housing projects have yet to help in any homicide investigations.


Ms. Brown said...

Crime Cameras should be placed in all of the "Hot Spots." These murders are going UN-investigated and this is a shame. Let it be a policeman killed. They will pull out all the forces and find a suspect the same night. Let it be one of our men in the Bayview and...... exactly nothing done. The person that did it would have to tap the officer on the should and confess to it. They are not going to look twice under a rock. Mad in the Bayview.

Anonymous said...

I bet the cameras are not even working they did not work for me when something happend to me. When you live in the hood, projects, slumms or what ever you want to call it you can't have nothing because people take it. The police are there when nothing is going on but when something happens they take ten years to get there. I want my tax money back because what I pay for from the police is not working for me. Maybe the people it is working for should just pay more.