Monday, August 20, 2007

Use This Section To Comment on the Homicide List, Map --------------------------->


Tim Hsu said...

What you're doing here is a great public service. Keep up the good work!

The Realist said...

Looking at the map, it's pretty obvious what accounts for some of the clusters... TL, WA, Page/Webster area projects, HP, Norteño & Sureño territories. I'm not familiar with the extreme south of the city. Any ideas about the clusters along the border? Thank you, and thanks for the great work!

Rah said...

Along the border you have Visitacion Valley and the Sunnydale projects, the Excelsior District, and Lakeview (or Oceanview, or Ingleside, whatever you wanna call it). In the early 90's, I heard that Lakeview had a higher murder rate than Hunter's Point...Thats obviously not the case now, but it's still a violent place.

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