Saturday, August 11, 2007

S.F. mayor, police chief, others call for gun-show ban at Cow Palace

Their reasoning is that the surrounding neighborhoods are plagued with violence, and a gun show possibly adds to the number of firearms going around, and that it's just plain insensitive to have such an event in such an area. 142 murders, or 43 percent of SF's murders since 2004, have happened in the Bayview and Ingleside districts which border the Cow Palace.



The Realist said...

First Sandoval tries to condemn Michael Savage for language "symbolic of violence," and now the City wants to ban gun shows for being "symbolic" of crime. I guess REAL problems have just become too difficult.

Anonymous said...

LOL. Yep... if only I could pay my parking tickets with symbolic money!

Let's ban all the guns in SF... that way all the criminals will turn in their guns and the shootings will stop, right?

Let's hope Gavin Newsom does not naively support Chris "Deranged" Daley's silly gun ban proposal. In fact, the Mayor should quietly fund gun awareness and safety programs, and allow qualified citizens permits for concealed handguns. The murder rate would tumble. But they'll never do something so sensible in this left-leaning town.