Monday, August 27, 2007

Chronicle homicide count, gang murder numbers

According to the Chronicle, there have been 70 murders (as opposed to my count of 71, though they NEVER mentioned the killing of Sung Park...maybe that explains it...then again, it might on.).

I don't know what murders they have included in their total however, or if the recent hit and runs should put my count up to 73. It's unknown (to me anyways) whether those have been ruled murder, or vehicular manslaughter. Uuntil recently, the Chronicle's count was 68. After the two hit and runs, it rose to 70, though there's been no specific mention of the deaths being ruled as murders. It could be that some previous suspicious deaths were recently considered to be murder. Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing these things for sure... Anyone have an Idea? Or better yet, specific information?

Also, apparently, only 11 of the homicides so far this year have been attributed to gang warfare by the SFPD.

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Anonymous said...

It's interesting that you mention how so few of the homicides have been attributed to gang activity. How many of them do you think might be gang-related but because of lack of witnesses or evidence they can't say for sure?

I wouldn't want to burden you since you're doing such good work for free right now, but if someone else is interested, it might be worthwhile to see a chart which breaks down which shootings occurred where and for what likely reason.