Friday, January 18, 2008

Guns blamed for SF's crime - More police to patrol at night - Night clubs warned about violence

Kevin Ryan, former U.S. Attorney, and newly appointed director of SF's Office of Criminal Justice says there are 60,000 handguns and 2,400 assault rifles in San Francisco.

Police Chief Heather Fong has also ordered investigators in the city's drug and gang units to patrol the streets at night, to help fight the homicide rate.

SF clubs were also warned to watch out for violence in and around their premises, and that they need to do more to keep patrons safe.


Scurvy said...

The handguns worry me a helluva lot more than the rifles. Hard to tell when someone is carrying a handgun, but it's rather easy to spot when someone is possessing a rifle. Besides, what constitutes an assault rifle anyway? j-random semi-automatic .223 with a scary looking clip? Or a semi-automatic .308 winchester hunting rifle? I'd rather be shot with the .223 "assault rifle" than the .308 anyday.

Rah said...

I know there are quite a few different kinds of rifles you can find being used by gangbangers...I've heard of AK-47's of course, and also modified SKS's, AR-15's and even m1 garands and m1 carbines.

The handguns are the most worrisome though, because they can be concealed easily...But people do try and conceal rifles too. In 2004 an SFPD officer was killed by a gangbanger with an AK-47 hidden under his jacket.

Anonymous said...

it's not the guns at fault! it's people shooting (and killing) eachother.