Monday, January 28, 2008

Police shoot, kill homeless man - woman sneaks gun into jail cell and shoots it

- A homeless man who was shot on Sunday by police after he lunged at them with a knife, died in the hospital today.

- A woman sneaked a small handgun into a Tenderloin jail cell, and fired it last week. Police apparently failed to find it when they searched her.


Anonymous said...

This should go on SF's homicide count. Police killings are counted in Oakland and Richmond, and just about every major city in the country. The FBI deducts the "justifiable homicides" at the end of the year. How come San Francisco gets to deduct their justifiable homicides from their homicide total during the year?

Rah said...

This has nothing to do with the city itself and it's policy of subtracting justifiable homicides from their total earlier than other cities has more to do with me making the information easier to see on the site. The truth is, when the police kill someone it's counted as justified (99 percent of the time, anyways), and at the end of the year I would end up having to put it in its own list anyways, so I make a separate list for justified homicides right when they happen, rather than wait to the end of the year to do it (like you said, the FBI does it anyways). said...

thanks for this site- I just found it and think it is a very valuable resource. I am going to share it with Redfin readers!
Thanks again,

Navigator said...

Rah, I understand your point. My complaint is not with you or this site. You provide a great service.

The problem lies with the San Francisco Police Department, the City of San Francisco, and the SF media. After all, how can the media assume every police killing is "justifiable?" They can't! Any police killing has to be investigated in order to be determined if it was indeed "justifiable" or not. The media, the police department, and the City of San Francisco, can't assume it is automatically a justifiable homicide because the killing was done by the police. That's why SF should do like Oakland, Richmond and every major city in this country, and leave it for the FBI to determine at the end of the year what is a "justifiable homicide" and what is not.

Also, the local media uses these homicide numbers to compare rates between Bay Area cities while never disclosing that SF takes their justifiable homicides out of their total while Oakland, Richmond and every other city includes their justifiable homicides in their respective totals. It's deceptive and it's unfair!

Vincent said...

the police should have took a different measure in disarming the homeless man, there is suppose to be / was training for this kind of stuff i assume, to become a police officer? what happens when the next guy has a bat, gun still?

Anonymous said...

Does the guy have a name? Or is he just a homeless man?
You should find out his name and age.
Im sure he had one.