Sunday, March 9, 2008

News for the Week

- 3 men shot between Saturday and Sunday Morning.

- Hybrid buses are being taken off of the 54 and 44 lines because vandals are turning off their power switches when they pass through the Hunters Point housing projects. There will also be increased police presence on and around buses in the area, because groups of young people have been throwing rocks at buses, and a few Muni drivers have been assaulted.

- A man was charged with attempted murder after intentionally running his girlfriend over in North Beach last Sunday.

- A new trial was denied for a man charged with beating his girlfriend to death with a barbell in 2004.

- Police arrested a man suspected of 9 arsons in San Francisco and Daly City, against the friends and relatives of his ex-girlfriend.

-Hunters Point gets gunshot sensors, capable of detecting gunfire in the neighborhood.

- San Francisco gets tougher on criminals who don't pay their legal fees.

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