Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend News

- A man sustained life-threatening injuries in a Sunday morning shooting at 3rd and Palou in Hunters Point.

- A worker at the Clift hotel in Union Square was arrested after he raped a guest.

- Patrons at an Excelsior District pool hall disarmed and beat up a would-be robber on Friday night. He got away, but was later arrested by police after a brief car chase. It turns out he had robbed the same place before, and he only got hit by angry people's pool sticks after they realized he was the same guy.


Stop The Killings said...

Recently went to a local movie with my family, had a sub par time, evening was ruin with about 20-30 youths violently acting out in the theater during filming. Unbelievable event to try to explain to the youngest member of our family. Upon returning home, notice ambulance leaving as we approached our residency. Casually asked strangers walking down the street as to the cause… message rely to my family… two folks, killed laying dead on the streets less than 200 yards from our conversation… It was a bit too much for me to handle anymore… something has to be done to help our youth and the next generation that is killing itself right before our eyes.

I’m open for comments… as I ultimately believe the only change that can occur with a positive affect… to become a teacher in the worst places to bring change… that might just cause my life to be taken… but at least I know its worth the fight… and where I'm going, afterlife.

Money, more police, more marches, more stop the violence rallies… aren’t working any more… I desperately need your help, for those that care as my heart compels me to reach out via this commentary.

Waiting for your feedback... let's try and return to normalcy.


Anonymous said...

To : "stop the killings"
More police? Consider how the SFPD factor into these murders. They are the people on our city streets who 100% of the time have guns. Further, they are the people we leave to "solve" these deaths. There is more to this than some kids being angry. Murders have motives. We've got to explore the backstory and complexity of what is happening during this war.

To the sleuth who runs this page:
Got anything on the 10-21 shots fired around Oakland and Ingalls on Saturday. It was 3:30 AM or so.

Stop The Killings said...

Stop The Killings

Just reading the blotter to date… 15-17 deaths… people shooting each other… my comments were not in reference to more police… that’s a whole different topic within itself… my focus is how to educate (change the mindset) before it’s too late. Our community, has traditionally looked for outside programs to put a patch on a crater… let us mobilize effectively and try a viable solution… and no, I’m not talking about other town hall meeting, or some gathering of folks standing around all trying to look and sound important… I am willing to start with just one person… “You and Me! / Let’s do something to bring positive change!