Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bay Area murder numbers

San Francisco: 83 (up from 65 at the same time last year)
Oakland: 95 (down from 100 at the same time last year)
San Jose: 21
Richmond: 19 (down from 28 at the same time last year)

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, 3 people were shot and killed in Richmond, and 6 more were wounded, in 11 shootings. 2 more people were shot dead in Oakland, and 2 were shot dead, and another injured in San Jose.


oaklandhappenings said...

Just a few things to mention regarding Oakland's total.

1) Out of the 95, I believe that between 1-3 of them were considered justifiable:
there were a couple merchants who killed their offenders/their accomplices, supposedly of self-defense of robberies during the spring; I think that there was a fatal police shooting as well on a criminal. Do you have verification of this?

2) All homicides--justifiable or not--totaled to 102 on August 12th of last year. At the time, 2 were justifiable I believe.

3) Nina Reiser's "death" in the hills (if murdered) was around September 3rd, although not reported until October. It is counted among the totals as a murder, despite the court release of her husband. Hope I remember that story correctly.
Your feedback? Thanks. I wonder if any of this fits into your total
if you have extra info about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing this. Great site.


Rah said...

Oaklandhappenings--I haven't been keeping track of murders anywhere other than SF, so sorry I don't have any more info right now. I'm thinking though, that I could go back and add murders for Oakland, Richmond, and San Jose...I might even go ahead and do the whole Bay Area when next year comes around. As long as I keep it up from the beginning, it won't be too hard, I don't think. It's time consuming when going back through the chronicle archives though...already took long enough just to find a lot of the info for SF.