Tuesday, September 4, 2007

News is (obviously) not reporting on some murders

Well, I have three murders that supopsedly happened, but which have NOT been reported on by any news outlets. The most recent:

A few guests on this site left comments reporting that a man had been shot to death as he exited a taxi at Taylor and O'Farrell streets in the Tenderloin, on the night of September 2nd, just before Monday. Apparently dozens of people witnessed the police and medical examiner photograph and remove the body. And what news do we have? SFgate: none. Cbs5: none. KTVU: none.

Maybe the San Francisco daily reported it, but I unfortunately haven't been able to get one today. It's sad that the best newspaper in this city is a free daily paper. I just wish the SF Daily could get a website up and going...

Anyways, the other two murders I have heard of, but which have not been reported:

- A male victim was reportedly shot in the head and run over with a car, at Webster Street and Golden Gate Ave., at 9:00 am, in the Western Addition. Apparently many people in the neighborhood were talking about this(08/31)

- A man was reportedly shot in the face at 24th and York Streets, in the Mission, after which he got in his car, drove a block, crashed, and according to witnesses, died. (sometime in mid to late-July)

So...anyone know anymore about these incidents?


Anonymous said...

I was in the Hotel Monico nearby that evening. We heard the shot and then could see the person on the ground when EMTs arrived. Later I saw that they had put a blanket over the body.

I'm equally shocked that there has been no news on the event.

Anonymous said...

The incident was at about 11:45 pm right outside the SF Hilton, CPR was administered.

oaklandhappenings said...

so, is 80 the current OFFICIAL count as of the time of my post, whether or not reported on the news?
Aren't there two or three suspicious deaths that still could be considered homicides, or were those already verified? Not that I'm hoping so, mind you-- Oakland had it's 92nd early this morning by some guy who thinks it's okay to get gas at 1 AM. I sure as hell wouldn't at that hour...in any city! Anyway, he was fatally shot in his car, in west Oakland, on MacArthur.

oaklandhappenings said...

Finally, a link on SFgate, although they seem to be behind by a murder or 2...or 3.

oaklandhappenings said...

Pardon my small slew of comments tonight, but here's the latest,
as reported by KTVU at about 10:55 PM
Tuesday evening:
"fatal shooting near monster park".
Detail is sure to follow at 5 AM.

Anonymous said...

I found it extremely strange that no one had any knowledge of this incident. We were shocked to arrive upon this particular scene (prior to the EMT's arriving) in front of the Hilton. I have a child who has never been exposed to a crime, much less a murder. We asked the front desk at the Serrano if they heard anything. My feeling was they don't want the negative publicity about a shooting in the vicinity of their facility, nor the Hilton, for that matter.

We chose to visit SF just to get away for the weekend. Everyone says it's a great city. However, it is a large city, with all the negative activity a city embraces. I had no idea the crime there is so bad. Among other obvious "city" reasons, we probably will never return. It's just not safe.

Anonymous said...

I also came across the scene Sunday night and have been searching the news for information about what happened. I am shocked that I can't find anything. This is the first and hopefully last dead body I come across. Another web site (www.nowpublic.com)is reporting it as someone jumping. I don't believe that because I encountered a number of people standing around the scene that claimed to hear the gunshot. I am having a difficult time comming to terms with the idea that someone lost their life in front of the Hilton and there is no media coverage.

Anonymous said...

I wrote to SFGate and asked about the body outside the Hilton. Their reply follows -

"Thanks for writing. Our Metro desk says the body was that of some OD victim who was deposited on the Hilton's door, not a homicide."

-- Vlae Kershner, news director, SFGate.com

Rah said...

What about the gunshot? So let me get this straight...a taxi drove by, and an OD victim was chucked out the door in front of the Hilton, and right when it happened, many people claim to have heard a gunshot? This is interesting......

Anonymous said...

I was staying at the Serrano hotel and me and my friends walked right by the Hilton at 1:36am. We saw fire trucks filling up their hoses from a fire hydrant and people hosing down the surrounding streets. We didn't think anything of it at the time, but the next day, the rumor was that someone jumped from the Hilton and landed on top of a taxi. I've been trying to find out what really happened but have had no luck.