Monday, September 17, 2007

Man shot in neck

According to a crime alert at Cbs5:

One person has been shot in the neck at 930 Post in San Francisco. A suspect is at large, armed with a sawed-off shotgun.

Awaiting further news...

Also, a man was shot to death on the 1500 block of La Salle Avenue on Saturday.

San Francisco has now equaled the murder total for all of 2006.


Anonymous said...

new here - there was a shooting on Lucky in the Mission last night, many folks heard shots and one neighbor was ambulance - no info in papers so far

Anonymous said...

Also new here. I live on Shotwell and 23rd streets in the Mission. On Saturday night I walked home to see a crime scene on the 900 block of Shotwell. Police tape roped off the block, between 23rd and 24th. Anyone hear anything? Also saw two ambulances at 24th and Mission, in front of Carlo's Club. My guess is that was a stabbing, as Carlo's has seen many of those.

Also two people were apparently shot at 24th and York, in front of Pops. Don't know if anyone died, and I hope not.